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Do cables make a difference? Generally a bunch of crazy people with money to burn will tend to claim they do. But as engineers know people are dumb and will argue there can be no possible difference. I live it to you to figure out where we stand. 

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We offer the products of two of the leading companies on the high end market. Nordost and Furutech. They both have a very wide portfolio and we have cherry picked the products we feel offer best performance and value for money. 



Power distributors and filters are often overlooked in the context of a system. The offering s of Nordost and Furutech will show you the importance of clean power delivery to your equipment. Call to arrange a demo.



For custom installation or cables we offer the cables and connectors of Furutech and Canare. Both are Japanese companies with the stringiest of quality controls in the world. Please check with us before running those wires in the wall.

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