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Still using amplifiers made in the 70's and 80's has drawn our attention to the quality of design and manufacture variance between brands. Some are in a class of their own others are a marketing creation and an engineering misunderstanding. Pride of ownership and residual value are factors we consider when picking our recommendations. This is not a phone you change every year.



Mono, Stereo or Multichanel, Tube or Solid State we offer all. Solutions from Primare and Trinnov cover the spectrum whit in reason and exotics like Wavac and Zanden take you beyond. Don't just read. Come and listen.



We offer CD players from or Primare where the option for integrated streamer is available. A dedicated D/A converter and a phono stage can also be the fountain of joy in your setup. We have it all. 



Stereo or Immersive multichannel offerings from Trinnov Audio cover the whole range of audio applications with the most advanced (by far) DSP and Room correction systems in use today. Modual and software upgradable to prevent obsolence. 

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