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Extreme High-End Audio

With over 30 years of experience in building and tuning music systems  working with products from over 70 leading brands we have cherry picked  products that carry true value and offer the ever elusive qualities in audio reproduction sought after by so many music lovers. 


Single Ended Triode Vacuum tube magic

Wavac and Zanden have been around for quite some time making some of the most famous and desirable triode based amplifiers in the world, but not all are created equal. Call us and find out which one is for you. 


A music instrument any way you look at it

Sonus Faber Reference speakers are absolutely unrivaled in their built and finish quality while hiding in the elegant structures trend setting innovation and technology. While the Homage Series has it all distilled for  you in a more traditional form.


It is up to the story teller to entangle you

Based on your collection content we have offerings for both analogue and digital replay. Our experience with worlds top turntables and cartridges or digital streaming certainly can shine a light on what you dream of.

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