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Home Theater

or Media Room is the technology hub where you and your family enjoy movies, music or play games. The technology should blend and not dominate in the household while offering a true state of the art experience. Rest assured you have reached the right place, come talk to us.


most often hosts the house's media center. We offer both wired or wireless speakers and media hub's to integrate with the selected TV or Projector while being easy to use. Ceiling and wall mounted speaker offer extra flexibility in the layout.


The design of a dedicated theatre starts with the room. We offer full service including acoustics, lights,  equipment and controls. In such projects the key is longevity and openness of the system. It is part of the house so it has to last ....


media system  is a new solution that we have taken very seriously. The media system is built in the room or furniture and has to offer the connectivity and longevity expected. Industrial standard components are required to prevent obsolence.

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