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Integrated Systems

benefiting from technology advancement modern households can take advantage and apply centralized control of  multiple systems as in any modern car. Intelligent lights, shades and music systems are not the future they are the present. A well designed system is simple and intuitive. 



After 20 years of experience with lights control systems we have reached a stage where systems are simple, expandable and user friendly. None of that could be said about the legacy offerings of traditional manufacturers.



Not a must but a necessity. Shades control is often overlooked convenience in the modern world. Be it curtains or other shades the autonomous deployment and retraction are certainly a benefit to be enjoyed.


Multiroom sound

Being able to sync and centrally control the music in a house is not new but the flexibility of deployment and local/centralized control is on a different level now. House, Hotel or Restaurant - whatever your project talk to us to learn about your options.

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