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Modern High-End Audio

Hidden under the clean lines and high tech materials are feature loaded engines for the modern lifestyle. Connectivity and online services are the norm today. The goal is to make it usable for people that where born before computers by sill having some familiar controls and a phone app that everyone can use.



minimalism in a no nonsense product range from Primare. CD players and amplifiers with integrated streaming for the modern user.  App control and all the features you would expect with zero complication. 


Sonetto by

Sonus Faber  fits perfectly in the modern home with looks and performance to match. It is a 21st century product packed with high tech. Be it stereo or surround the range covers all.


For the tech savy

Trinnov offers a unique range of  processors for room and speaker correction with a built in preamplifer. Amethyst can be the heart of your dream system if you have the experience to set it up, or politely ask us to do so.

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