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Active Subwoofer 220-240 V.

Gravis I and II deliver incredibly powerful performance from compact subwoofers.

Gravis II

  • Sonus faber is not new to the arena of subwoofer design and engineering. The first subwoofer project, the Gravis FB100, was launched back in 1986, later followed Cremona M subwoofers. Today, with the new Gravis collection, Sonus faber returns to its roots, incorporating cutting-edge technology while maintaining its identity of natural sound and quality Italian hand-craftsmanship.

    Gravis I and II are the smaller subwoofers of the Gravis Collection.
    These speakers have been designed to be easily integrated into every living environment and ideally matched with almost every kind of audio and audio/video system. In addition Gravis I and II are the perfect match for their loudspeaker siblings: the Sonus faber Sonetto Collection.

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