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Smart magnetic track grille light is an intelligent dimming and color luminaire based on the Zigbee protocol. It is suitable for indoor lighting. It has the advantages of stable communication, accurate dimming, and convenient installation. It can realize the intelligent upgrade of home lighting-that is the lamps can be controlled by the switch panel, remote control, voice control or smart terminals such as smartphones can be used to realize the remote control, scene control (need to scan the QR code in the manual, download "ORVIBO Home" АPP).

ZigBee LED Magnetic Linear Multiplelight 15W

SKU: 9.99.00000086
  • Size: 207.5*22*25mm /410*22*25mm

    Beam angle: 70°±3°

    Input voltage 48V/50Hz

    Material : Aviation Aluminum;PC

    Color rendering index: CRI≥90Ra

    Color tem.: 2700-6000k Stepless adjustment

    Protocol:  Zigbee

    Control: Voice, touch screen, scene switch, APP

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