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Usually the most difficult item to get your wife to accept or is it? Concealed instillation products are offering supreme performance now and the looks of a rectangular box are a thing of the past. High design has reached audio and we have the products to prove it.



traditional, modern, exotic striking can be the look of the speakers but it is the sound they produce the reason you are buying them. We have selected products that deliver on all fronts. Sonus Faber Olympica Nova and the more artisan Heritage series is our core offering. 



Convenience and technology merged. Davone offers active wireless speakers unique in the use of most advanced DSP and Bang and Olufsen compatible WISA streaming able to do up to 7.1 wirelessly. We use the Industry standard Dante powered speakers. We use them depending on your needs. 



We offer the complete range of Sonus Faber Palladio 5 and 6 speakers for in wall or in Ceiling application as well as Monisms speakers for outdoor or indoor installation and their range of Dante amplifiers. The Wisdom Audio range of unique line sources  is also available for high end projects. Call us before you make the wrong decisions. It costs nothing.

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