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Analog replay systems are a very fragile symbiosis between the components involved. One wrong decision or incorrect application can deprive the user from the bliss that can be experienced listening to his favorite recordings. Talk to us, we have been there, done that and are willing to help.


Kuzma have been producing great value state of the art products for a very long time. It is a stable core for any analog system. Of course we can offer more exotic solutions as long as you have the experience to handle them. As fine mechanics have maintenance.



As simple as a stick or as complicated as a watch, tonearms are a critical part of an analog system. Correct geometry and mass is just the beginning. Cartridge matching, damping and cabling are critical elements too. Talk to us about Kuzma, Sorane or some more exotic piece.



We have quite a selection as this element of the system is very dependent of what else is involved. 

Products from Miyajima, ZYX, MySonic Lab, Lyra and many others are covering all options worth considering. Talk to us to help you make the right choice. 

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